Chair of Greens of Colour: Rosamund a "powerful voice" for Lewisham East

11 June 2018

Samir Jeraj, acting Chair of the group Greens of Colour visited Rosamund in Lewisham to support her campaign, following the announcement of a Green Party fund to support candidates from under-represented ethnicities. 

Around half of the residents of Lewisham East do not identify as white, yet the borough has never had an MP who is black and/or from a minority ethnicity. Across the House of Commons as a whole, the number of MPs in this group would need to double to be representative of the voting population.

Rosamund and Samir

Samir described Rosamund as "A powerful voice for cleaning up London's dangerous air, and the determination and inspiration only a secondary school teacher could bring."

Rosamund said: "I was incredibly honoured & proud to meet Samir today. A highlight of the campaign & to share stories especially our hope for the future. It is crucial to get more people from ethnic backgrounds into politics but we want to be judged on merit. As long as it is a level playing field."

The initiative from the Green Party will support the recruitment, development and election of candidates from underrepresented ethnicities across England and Wales. It is named after the Green Party candidate for the 2017 Greater Manchester Mayoral Election Deyika Nzeribe who sadly died suddenly during his campaign.

The by-election was called a fraction too early for Rosamund and her campaign to benefit from the scheme. If you want to support her election campaign please donate here