Rosamund joins Green Assembly Member to petition Mayor for Car Free Day

30 May 2018

Green Candidate for Lewisham East MP Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah joined Green Assembly Member Caroline Russell this morning at City Hall to deliver a petition signed by 10,000 citizens to the Mayor asking for an ambitious Car Free Day on Saturday, 22 September, World Car Free Day.

Parents, children, grandparents, pedestrians, cyclists and air quality activists all joined forces, walking from Southwark Cathedral to the Mayor's office the deliver the petition.


Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah has worked alongside Clean Air campaigners like Caroline for many years as part of her foundation, named after her daughter who died of a severe and rare form of asthma. 

Speaking about her record ahead of the petition hand in Rosamund said: "I campaigned for the ULEZ to be extended. I have shown people in Lewisham what I can do . I submitted evidence to the super enquiry on air quality & questions were raised & used in the final report. I am an alternative if you are frustrated with the status quo

"In London THREE children in every class has an asthma diagnosis. Now overwhelming evidence points to a direct link between the toxic air we breathe and the onset of asthma. Every year in London between 8-12 children die from asthma, the UK has the worst death rate in Europe. In memory of my late daughter I campaign passionately for clean air, better diagnosis and treatment of asthma. Every child has the right to breathe Clean Air."

The Car Free London campaign said: "London is one of the world's great cities, but poor air quality and traffic congestion are choking our city, damaging our health, happiness, and productivity. By opening up the streets, our largest public spaces, to pedestrians and cycles for one day, we hope to catalyse ambitious thinking on a healthier and more prosperous urban future for all residents. The Mayor's new Transport Strategy seeks to achieve this, but the Mayor, TfL, and all London councils need encouragement from citizens to actually implement the plan. The shift to zero emissions neighbourhoods requires change.

World Car Free Day on 22 September is an opportunity to test a modal shift away from private cars to more pedestrianised town centres, alternative land uses, and more efficient mobility. Removing traffic congestion from our streets would free up more space for public parks, affordable housing, local businesses and other higher-value uses."