We Receive no Public Money - to run elections WE NEED YOU!

Lewisham Green Party relies on direct contributions to the Local Party for all its campaigns and activities. We work all year round to support local residents, scrutinizing and influencing the work of the Local Council, and campaigning for what we believe in. We distribute regular newsletters to thousands of homes and involve networks of supporters in our activities. All this costs money.

We in the Green Party don't have dodgy billionaire donors, we don't take dirty money from grubby big businesses, we're not in the pockets of media barons, but that means that we do have to ask our supporters and party members to dig deep, to contribute as much as you can.

Donate today! Anything you can give will be gratefully received. 


Rosamund's campaign for a stronger, healthier Lewisham all costs money

£5 will pay for enough badges for our team so residents know who we are 

£10 will pay for 1000 A5 leaflets, delivered by our volunteers

£20 will pay for 100 Green window posters asking neighbours to vote Green!

£50 will pay for our 1000 envelopes for us to address, making it more likely voters will read our leaflets

£100 will pay for A5 leaflets for 10,000 homes - a weekend's worth of deliveries for our volunteers!

£500 will pay for the deposit so that Rosamund can stand to be a candidate

£1000 will mean that we can pay someone to manage the campaign until the election, giving us much better chance of success

Every contribution, however small, helps. Working together, combining our resources, can make a vital contribution to our next electoral breakthrough. You can donate easily by PayPal, cheque or bank transfer (see below)


* Please note, if you wish to donate more than £500 in a year, you must be a citizen of the UK and on the UK electoral roll, or a UK-registered group, business etc. Donations over £500 from any ineligible donor must be returned.

By Paypal 

A quick and easy way to donate


By cheque

Please make your cheque payable to "Lewisham Green Party" and send to:

Lewisham Green Party Treasurer
61 Corona Road,
London SE12 9LU

Please include your name, address and phone number, in case of query.

By bank transfer

You can set up a regular transfer or make a one-off payment

NAME Lewisham Green Party

BANK Co-operative Bank, 151 Lewisham High Street, LONDON, SE13 6AA

SORT CODE 08-90-29


Please use your name as the reference. If you make a direct payment it would be helpful if you could email our treasurer, Martin Cox, to let him know.

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